September 1st, 2022

When MechVerse was created, over a year ago 🎉, we were on a mission to create a future of Blockchain Enabled Entertainment. With this in mind, we launched our first mint. We found a great response from the community and embarked on the massive endeavor to build a new category defining game.

Our take? ✊

A game where the players own all the pieces of the game ♟️.

Sort of like buying a box of your favorite tabletop board game.

From the miniatures (Mechs 🤖), to the board (HexTiles 🌋), to the in-game economy items (Resources 💧), all of the pieces to play would be owned by the players.

Our dream is to open source our game engine, and allow you to play anywhere, anytime. No strings attached.

Longevity should not be attached to our servers.

A true decentralized gaming experience.

Where are we on the journey? 📍

Closer, but not there yet 😅. When we started our trip together with the community, we set up a partnership with a gaming studio to lead us in the right direction.

What have we accomplished in the last year?